New Releases For July 1, 2014

Dot Hacker
How's Your Process? (Work)

Dot Hacker - How's Your Process? (Work)

Dot Hacker is a Los Angeles-based band featuring musicians Josh Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner, and Jonathan Hischke. Their 2012 debut album, Inhibition, was hailed as 'one of the year's best debuts and a rewarding trip' (ARTISTdirect).

The band released a vinyl 7-inch for Record Store Day 2014, and is releasing How's Your Process? in two parts, beginning with How's Your Process? (Work). The album was mastered by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood. The cover features a photo from award-winning photographer, Ryszard Horowitz.

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"Whatever You Want"


  1. 1. Aim
  2. 2. First In Forever
  3. 3. Floating Up The Stairs
  4. 4. Elevator
  5. 5. Whatever You Want
  6. 6. Sermon Of Sorts