New Releases For September 25, 2015

Donna Ulisse
Hard Cry Moon

Donna Ulisse - Hard Cry Moon

With Hard Cry Moon, four-time nominee for IBMA Songwriter of the Year, Donna Ulisse offers more proof that, whether she is interpreting the work of others or her own compositions, she has earned her spot as one of bluegrass music’s most captivating artists.

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"It Could Have Been The Mandolin"


  1. 1. Black Train
  2. 2. Workin’ On The C & O
  3. 3. We’re Gonna Find A Preacher
  4. 4. Papa’s Garden
  5. 5. It Could Have Been The Mandolin
  6. 6. Hard Cry Moon
  7. 7. The River’s Runnin’ Free
  8. 8. As Long As We’re Together
  9. 9. Ain’t That A Pity
  10. 10. I’m In For A Long Ride
  11. 11. Whispering Pines
  12. 12. I’ll Sleep In Peace At Night

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