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Don Ray Band
Kickstands Up - The Biker Playlist

Don Ray Band - Kickstands Up - The Biker Playlist

After three studio albums that have all featured a biker themed song or two, Don Ray Band's fourth studio album, Kickstands Up - The Biker Playlist, is a best-of album compiled of the band's best biker music.

This album also features three brand new tracks. The title track salutes the patriotic and generous nature of the biker community, The Ride is the sentiment of all bikers after a long winter and Eagles and Buffalo is the band's Sturgis Bike Rally anthem. Motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere are rallying around this album.

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"Kickstands Up"


  1. 1. Kickstands Up
  2. 2. The Ride
  3. 3. Eagles And Buffalo
  4. 4. Daniels And Caine
  5. 5. My Rush
  6. 6. Lonesome Rider
  7. 7. This Is Our House
  8. 8. Full Throttle
  9. 9. Gone Nowhere
  10. 10. The High Road

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