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Don DiLego
Magnificent Ram A

Don DiLego - Magnificent Ram A

Magnificent Ram A, the new album from Don DiLego, saw its roots form in Portland, OR with producer/engineer Gregg Williams (Blitzen Trapper, Dandy Warhols, The Decemberists), and wind its way back East to the wooded Pennsylvania retreat that is Velvet Elk Studios. Many of those original sessions found their way onto his last album, 2012’s Western & Atlantic, which won an Independent Music Award for Best Roots/Alt Country Album. The remnants of those original sessions form the foundation of a project he’s long thought about…a collection of click-track free analog recordings that embrace their imperfections and happy accidents.

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"Drive Like Pirates"


  1. 1. Karma King
  2. 2. A Wishful Poem
  3. 3. Drive Like Pirates
  4. 4. I’m On Fire
  5. 5. Go Pack Your Suitcase
  6. 6. Up In Smoke
  7. 7. Don’t Bury Me Alive
  8. 8. The West Side Oak
  9. 9. Running In Place With A Desperate Heart
  10. 10. Idiot Heart