New Releases For February 15, 2011

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Dom - Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Massachusetts-based indie rock quartet Dom re-release their first EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, through Astralwerks Records. With warped vocals, fuzzy lo-fi distortion and broken Casio keyboard lines, the seven songs feel like they're held together by sonic duct tape. At any minute they could break apart. But they don't. There's a MacGyver-ized style to Dom's buzzed-about debut, which features the single 'Living In America.' The remastered EP keeps the analog spirit of the original intact, so fans need not worry about alterations affecting the sound. Things sound better, as they were likely intended to be heard in the first place.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Living In America"


  1. 1. Jesus
  2. 2. Living In America
  3. 3. Rude As Jude
  4. 4. Bochicha
  5. 5. Burn Bridges
  6. 6. Hunny
  7. 7. I Wonder

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