New Releases For November 30, 2018

Dog Eat Dog
New Breed

Dog Eat Dog - New Breed

After more than 10 years the crossover pioneers are finally back with new material in great style. The four brand new tracks on Brand New Breed once again showcase the band’s capability to write catchy songs and convince using modern beats and sounds - not forgetting their established trademark sound. With a new guitarist and a lot of positive energy, the four new songs were recorded and convince with groove, melody and catchy hooks. There’s a freshness in those songs, which the band delivers live to the fans. Hardcore, rock, reggae - whatever they touch, it becomes a Groovemonster.

TAGS: Rap/Hip-Hop | Rock

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"Lumpy Dog"


  1. 1. XXV
  2. 2. Vibe Cartel
  3. 3. Lumpy Dog
  4. 4. Emoji Baby
  5. 5. Isms (Unplugged)
  6. 6. Rocky (Unplugged)
  7. 7. Lumpy Dog (Unplugged)
  8. 8. XXV (Live)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 19
    Pancevo, Serbia Pančevo Wrong Fest 2019
  • Aug 16
    Stans, Switzerland Teffly Rally 2019
  • Aug 22
    Sulingen, Germany Reload-Festival 2019
  • Aug 23
    Karben, Germany Karben Open Air 2019
  • Aug 30
    Lüdenscheid, Germany Bautz festival 2019
  • Sep 27
    Ingelmunster, Belgium Kontrabasfeesten 2019
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