New Releases For February 19, 2013

We Will Not Harm You

Dobie - We Will Not Harm You

Thirteen tracks of deep, beautifully worked instrumental music, based in hip hop but touching on everything from techno, house, dubstep, Latin, two step, jazz, soul, funk and everything in between, We Will Not Harm You is a work of art in its own right.

But it also has a work of art on its cover - Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili has painted an original image specifically for the album.

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"She Moans"


  1. 1. The Beginning
  2. 2. Blip 124
  3. 3. Stan Lee Is A Hero Of Mine
  4. 4. Then I Woke Up
  5. 5. She Moans
  6. 6. The Chant
  7. 7. Magenta
  8. 8. Somewhere Over There
  9. 9. Crunch Factor No.5
  10. 10. Skit
  11. 11. On The Corner Of Ridley Road
  12. 12. Snap, Crackle & Pop
  13. 13. She Wiggles When She Walks