New Releases For June 16, 2017

The Symbol Of Death

Disbelief - The Symbol Of Death

Imagine yourself being crushed by a throng of stomping giant elephants, this is the feeling you get when listening to Disbelief’s massive, torturous, bombastic war-like death metal sound. Disbelief's new album, The Symbol Of Death, proves to be a monster, first, band founder and vocalist Jagger’s guttural signature has never sounded so intense and relentless, and the precise and bloodthirsty double bass drums back up a colossal wall of thickly produced face melting guitars. Still, the band adds in a melodic flavor that never sounds any obvious all along The Symbol Of Death.

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"Full Of Terrors"


  1. 1. Full Of Terrors
  2. 2. The Unsuspecting One
  3. 3. The Symbol Of Death
  4. 4. Embrace The Blaze
  5. 5. To Defy Control
  6. 6. Rest In Peace
  7. 7. Evil Ghosts
  8. 8. One By One
  9. 9. Nothing To Heal
  10. 10. The Circle
  11. 11. Into Glory Ride
  12. 12. Shattered
  13. 13. Anthem For The Doom

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 27
    Gera, Germany Disbelief at Comma Clubzentrum
  • Apr 25
    Hannover, Germany Nightbearer, Disbelief, Burden of Grief, and Die Kur at Subkultur
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