New Releases For July 9, 2013

Dirty Streets
Blades Of Grass

Dirty Streets - Blades Of Grass

Formed by Thomas Storz (bass, percussion), Justin Toland (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Andrew Denham (drums, percussion), and originally from Mississippi, the power trio Dirty Streets now calls Memphis home. That's where they recorded their new album, at the legendary Ardent studio.

Blades Of Grass is heavy music bathed in blues, folk and psychedelia, with chops to spare and a working class point of view.

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"Stay Thirsty"


  1. 1. Stay Thirsty
  2. 2. Talk
  3. 3. No Need To Rest
  4. 4. Movements #2
  5. 5. Try Harder
  6. 6. Blades Of Grass
  7. 7. Keep An Eye Out
  8. 8. Heart Of The Sky
  9. 9. Truth
  10. 10. Twice
  11. 11. I Believe I Found Myself