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Dirty Loops

Dirty Loops - Loopified

Every once in a while a band comes around that defies definition, a band so inimitable in its approach to music that it turns a genre on its head and leaves one wondering, 'What was that?!' Which is exactly what Sweden's best kept secret, Dirty Loops, have done with their debut album, Loopified.

Dirty Loops are longtime friends and music school classmates Jonah Nilsson (vocals/keyboards), Henrik Linder (bass), and Aron Mellergardh (drums) who hail from Stockholm, Sweden and have made name for themselves with their twisted pop covers while the three band members attended Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

TAGS: Jazz | Jazz Fusion | Pop

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"Hit Me"


  1. 1. Hit Me
  2. 2. Sexy Girls
  3. 3. Sayonara Love
  4. 4. Wake Me Up
  5. 5. Die For You
  6. 6. It Hurts
  7. 7. Lost In You
  8. 8. Take On The World
  9. 9. Accidentally In Love
  10. 10. The Way She Walks
  11. 11. Crash And Burn Delight

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 01
    Guilford, UK Dirty Loops at Casino Nightclub
  • Oct 01
    Cologne, Germany Euroblast Festival 2020
  • Oct 16
    Guildford, UK Radar Festival 2020
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