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Digitalism - Mirage

Mirage sees Digitalism return in their most complete and coherent incarnation yet; the album spanning euphoric radio-friendly electronic pop and guttural dance floor bangers with equal aplomb. Their songwriting craft has stepped up a notch too, their vocal tracks delivered with more conviction than ever and once again firmly placing them in a position as an act with big crossover potential.

”The powerfully electro tracks are tinged with alt rock and punk influences, and they’re simply incredible. They each feel so distinctly Digitalism, but they’re perfectly crafted and molded to the modern electronic space.” - Your EDM

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  1. 1. Arena
  2. 2. Battlecry
  3. 3. Go Time
  4. 4. Utopia
  5. 5. Destination Breakdown
  6. 6. Power Station
  7. 7. Open Waters
  8. 8. Mirage (Part One)
  9. 9. Mirage (Part Two)
  10. 10. Indigo Skies
  11. 11. Dynamo
  12. 12. The Ism
  13. 13. Shangri-La
  14. 14. No Cash
  15. 15. Blink

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 09
    Tilburg, Netherlands Digitalism and Goose at Poppodium 013
  • Mar 28
    Washington, DC, US Digitalism at U Street Music Hall
  • Mar 29
    Brooklyn, NY, US Digitalism at Good Room
  • Mar 30
    Philadelphia, PA, US Digitalism with Instupendo at Coda
  • Mar 31
    Allston, MA, US Digitalism at Brighton Music Hall
  • Apr 05
    Chicago, IL, US Digitalism at Lincoln Hall
  • Apr 06
    Los Angeles, CA, US Digitalism at Echoplex
  • Apr 07
    San Francisco, CA, US Digitalism at The Great Northern
  • Apr 11
    Seattle, WA, US Digitalism at Nectars Lounge
  • Apr 12
    Vancouver, BC, Canada Digitalism at Fortune Sound Club
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