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Dianna Corcoran - In America

Now, with over 400 awards, two multi-award winning albums and two Australian Country Music, two-time Golden Guitar Winner (Country Music Awards of Australia) and Golden Guitar Awards under her belt, Dianna is no stranger to success in the country format in Australia. She has also worked with The Australian Defense Force and deployed three times to perform for troops serving in Afghanistan and Egypt. Drawing on real life inspiration, Dianna Corcoran is one of Australian country music's most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents. Now based in Nashville USA, Corcoran is proud to present her first American release.

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"God Did Good"


  1. 1. God Did Good
  2. 2. Thank You For Cheating On Me
  3. 3. Blame Carolina
  4. 4. Therapy
  5. 5. When These Wheels Hit Tennessee
  6. 6. Not Ready To Lose
  7. 7. Hold On Lover
  8. 8. Feels Like Hollywood
  9. 9. Other Side Of Letting Go
  10. 10. Ghost In The Passenger Side
  11. 11. Sugar
  12. 12. A Better Me