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Destroyer 666
Phoenix Rising (Reissue)

Destroyer 666 - Phoenix Rising (Reissue)

With the release of their second album Phoenix Rising, Destroyer 666 reached a new level of savagery and songwriting. The worldwide metal press was quick to bestow praise on the album's release, and time has revealed it to be the masterpiece it was thought to be. Due to popular demand and persistent interest, Phoenix Rising has been reissued in a carefully remastered edition with spectacular new artwork and liner notes.

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"Phoenix Rising"


  1. 1. Rise Of The Predator
  2. 2. The Last Revelation
  3. 3. Phoenix Rising
  4. 4. I Am The Wargod
  5. 5. The Eternal Glory Of War
  6. 6. Lone Wolf Winter
  7. 7. Ride The Solar Winds
  8. 8. The Birth Of Tragedy

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