New Releases For March 22, 2011

Dennis Crommett
In The Buffalo Surround

Dennis Crommett - In The Buffalo Surround

Dennis Crommett's In the Buffalo Surround is a startlingly beautiful set of eleven songs that explores nature, love, transformation, and the exhilaration of coming into one's own - 'Reading about the Sioux and their respect for animals and nature, their value of ritual, especially as related to growing into adulthood, struck a chord with me,' Crommett explains. Anyone hearing a Dennis Crommett song for the first time will discover a songwriting talent that is effortless - a rare combination of grace and grit. From the gentle intimacy of 'Early Sunday Morning' to the hard-hitting 'New Year's Resolution' the album travels flawlessly between ballads that glow with warmth to unbridled alt-country rock.

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"New Year's Resolution"


  1. 1. Bright Light Of The Cape
  2. 2. New Year's Resolution
  3. 3. Rocks Of Deer Isle
  4. 4. High Cotton
  5. 5. All The Great Long Afternoon
  6. 6. Dark Gray Horses
  7. 7. Grotesque
  8. 8. Swallow
  9. 9. Early Sunday Morning
  10. 10. Labor Day
  11. 11. The Ocean Floor