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Dennis Blair started his career as a singer-songwriter, and then toured the country as a musical comedian with Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers and the legendary George Carlin. Now he has rekindled his musical flames. Dennis and his long-time songwriting partner John Durkin have paired up once again to compose 24 songs in the Americana vein. With an eye towards popular and adult themes, Dennis sings these songs with some of the top musicians in Nashville. Starship singer Stephanie Calvert, Las Vegas’ Ashley Fuller and Nashville’s Adam Cunningham also take solo turns.

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"If You Ever Change Your Mind"


  1. 1. Get Right
  2. 2. Sorry
  3. 3. She Stayed
  4. 4. Can’t Shake The Blues
  5. 5. If You Ever Change Your Mind
  6. 6. Keep Her
  7. 7. Between A Rock And A Hard Place
  8. 8. She’s Gone
  9. 9. Hard Times
  10. 10. The Man You Don’t See
  11. 11. That’s Why I’m Leaving You
  12. 12. Sinner
  13. 13. Carry Me Home
  14. 14. Tight Blue Jeans (Featuring Ashley Fuller)
  15. 15. If She Wants To
  16. 16. What If The Rain Comes Down
  17. 17. Taking It Easy
  18. 18. Irons In The Fire (Featuring Stephanie Calvert)
  19. 19. The Way It Used To Be (Featuring Ashley Fuller)
  20. 20. That’s When I Put My Foot Down (Featuring Stephanie Calvert)
  21. 21. This Time
  22. 22. Time Out Of Mind
  23. 23. Hearts On Fire (Featuring Ashley Fuller)
  24. 24. Whiskey Runs In My Family (Featuring Adam Cunningham)