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Chaos Manifesto

Demonical - Chaos Manifesto

Demonical arose from the ashes of formerly disbanded Centinex in 2006, and in comparison to its older sibling, executes death metal in a far more impetuous and melodic manner. Chaos Manifesto is a testament to that statement. After nearly five years since the release of the last full-length album Darkness Unbound (2013), the Swedes - now led by a new prominent death growler Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Centinex) - continue the traditional Demonical path with fierce HM-2 driven death metal of utter brutality, yet return in a partially new, yet fully fit five-piece line-up.

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"Towards Greater Gods"


  1. 1. A Void Most Obscure
  2. 2. Towards Greater Gods
  3. 3. Sung To Possess
  4. 4. Välkommen Undergång
  5. 5. Torture Parade
  6. 6. From Nothing
  7. 7. Unfold Thy Darkness
  8. 8. Death Unfaithful
  9. 9. Nightbringer (*Digipack CD exclusive)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 01
    Uherské Hradiště District, Czech Republic Symbolic Open Air 2020
  • Jul 01
    Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic SYMBOLIC FEST OPEN AIR 2020
  • Jul 04
    Kreuztal, Germany Mystifier and Demonical at Into the Dungeon Festival
  • Jul 04
    Kreuztal, Germany Into the Dungeon Festival 2020
  • Jul 06
    Tilburg, Netherlands Mystifier and Demonical at Little Devil
  • Jul 07
    Deinze, Belgium Mystifier and Demonical at Elpee
  • Jul 08
    Paris, France Mystifier and Demonical at Le Klub
  • Jul 09
    Toulouse, France Mystifier and Demonical at L'Usine à Musique
  • Apr 03
    Munich, Germany Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2021
  • Jun 30
    Uherské Hradiště District, Czech Republic Symbolic Open Air 2021
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