New Releases For March 6, 2012

Demolition String Band
Gracious Days

Demolition String Band - Gracious Days

Eminent mainstays of New York's bluegrass and country-rock scene, Elena Skye and Boo Reiners bring their singular Demolition String Band back to their roots in their latest album, Gracious Days. The set showcases traditional-styled originals like Skye's 'Misfortune' and Reiners' 'Under The Weather' along with meaningful covers from Woody Guthrie, Appalachian old-time singer-songwriter Ola Belle Reed, legendary outsider Blaze Foley and even the Ramones.

But whatever the sources, Skye and Reiners - and their gathering of stellar guest musicians - stamp them with their own indelible and instantly recognizable signature. Comprised of members Elena Skye and Boo Reiners, this Hoboken quartet has strong musical roots in bluegrass traditions, but those roots are shot through with plenty of rock 'n' roll electricity. Correlations could be drawn to towering roots/punk bands like Lone Justice and X.

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"Under The Weather"


  1. 1. Jethro's Lullaby Intro
  2. 2. Misfortune
  3. 3. Under The Weather
  4. 4. Questioningly
  5. 5. Why You Been Gone So Long
  6. 6. Dress Of Roses
  7. 7. Boojo Breakdown
  8. 8. Hard Ain't It Hard
  9. 9. Alibis
  10. 10. Williamsville Ramble
  11. 11. Old Blue
  12. 12. Where The Wild Wild Flowers Grow
  13. 13. Jethro's Lullaby Reprise