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Delta Spirit
Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit - Delta Spirit

When it came time to record Delta Spirit's third album, the band members knew one thing: it was time to shake off the stylistic labels that have shadowed them since they formed in San Diego, CA, in 2005.

Though lyricists Matt Vasquez and Kelly Winrich were grateful for the warm reviews that their previous albums Ode To Sunshine (2008) and History From Below (2010) received, they were perplexed at being called 'rootsy Americana' or 'twangy folk.' In their eyes, Delta Spirit has always been a thoroughly modern rock band, and, with their self-titled new album, they set out to prove it. This new project finds the quintet firing on all cylinders - road-tested and armed with the breakthrough album of their career.

Years of non-stop touring has been distilled into a sound this band can truly call their own, and with the help of producer Chris Coady (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), tracks like the lead single, 'California,' and the infectious 'Otherside' will help to bring Delta Spirit the wider audience they so clearly deserve.

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  1. 1. Empty House
  2. 2. Tear It Up
  3. 3. California
  4. 4. Idaho
  5. 5. Home
  6. 6. Otherside
  7. 7. Tellin' The Mind
  8. 8. Time Bomb
  9. 9. Into The Darkness
  10. 10. Money Saves
  11. 11. Yamaha

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