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Delicate Steve
Till I Burn Up

Delicate Steve - Till I Burn Up

Delicate Steve is back with his fifth studio album, Till I Burn Up. A critically acclaimed guitarist beloved by music critics and his peers, Steve has played on the albums of artists from Paul Simon to Yeasayer, and toured with artists from Tame Impala to The Growlers.

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  1. 1. Way Too Long
  2. 2. Freedom
  3. 3. Selfie Of A Man
  4. 4. Till I Burn Up
  5. 5. Purple Boy
  6. 6. Ghost
  7. 7. Rat In The House
  8. 8. Rubberneck
  9. 9. We Ride On Black Wings
  10. 10. Vacant Disco
  11. 11. Madness
  12. 12. Dream

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 22
    Washington, DC, US Delicate Steve at Comet Ping Pong
  • Oct 24
    New York, NY, US Delicate Steve at Coney Island Baby
  • Oct 25
    Woodstock, NY, US Delicate Steve at Colony
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