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Delicate Steve - This Is Steve

This Is Steve, Delicate Steve's first record in four years, is an articulation of his spirit. Joy. Love. Positivity. Perseverance. Meditation. A general communion with the people and world around him. Easy to call such things hackneyed in this cynical time, but in Steve's case, it’s very hard to separate the person from the art. It's real. It's pure. This, is Steve. Steve produced and played all the instruments on this record. He created it as an introduction from himself to you.

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  1. 1. Animals
  2. 2. Winners
  3. 3. Cartoon Rock
  4. 4. Nightlife
  5. 5. Tomorrow
  6. 6. Help
  7. 7. Swimming
  8. 8. Driving
  9. 9. Together
  10. 10. This Is Steve

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 22
    Washington, DC, US Delicate Steve with Lightmare at Comet Ping Pong
  • Oct 23
    Philadelphia, PA, US Delicate Steve at PhilaMOCA
  • Oct 24
    New York, NY, US Delicate Steve with ackerman at Coney Island Baby
  • Oct 25
    Woodstock, NY, US Delicate Steve with Kalbells at Colony
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