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Del Barber - Prairieography

Prairieography, Del Barber's fourth album - is a departure for the acclaimed singer - songwriter, venturing farther into traditional country music than his previous releases.

His capacity to weave experiences and characters stem from a keen understanding of narrative, phrasing and metaphor, tied together by his polished finger-style guitar work, warm hometown melodies and his intoxicating personality.

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"Living With A Long Way To Go"


  1. 1. Living With A Long Way To Go
  2. 2. Farewell, God Bless You, Goodbye
  3. 3. Walking In A Straight Line
  4. 4. Arianna
  5. 5. Country Girl
  6. 6. Peter And Jenny Lee
  7. 7. It's Harder Than You Think
  8. 8. Big Smoke
  9. 9. Yellowhead Road
  10. 10. The Wind And The Wire
  11. 11. The Sparrow And The Crow
  12. 12. All That It Takes
  13. 13. Tell Me Where To Start
  14. 14. White Lines And Taillights