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Defeater - Abandoned

Boston’s most devoted and steadfast hardcore band, Defeater knows what it takes to remain credible in a scene where fans demand both unapologetic, in-your-face power and intense emotional honesty. For Defeater and their die-hard fans, this honesty is key, and with their Epitaph debut Abandoned, Derek Archambault (vocals) and fellow band members have created their masterpiece. Carrying on the narrative thread they have built across four previous albums, Abandoned is the band’s most powerful and uncompromising album to date, powered by a renewed sense of artistic ambition and a plot twist no one could have expected.

TAGS: Hardcore | Punk

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  1. 1. Contrition
  2. 2. Unanswered
  3. 3. December 1943
  4. 4. Spared In Hell
  5. 5. Divination
  6. 6. Borrowed & Blue
  7. 7. Penance
  8. 8. Remorse
  9. 9. Pillar Of Salt
  10. 10. Atonement
  11. 11. Vice & Regret

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 29
    Chicago, IL, US Defeater with Field Mouse and Time and Pressure at Beat Kitchen
  • Sep 30
    Burnsville, MN, US Defeater with Field Mouse and Frail Body at THE GARAGE
  • Oct 02
    Detroit, MI, US Defeater at The Sanctuary
  • Oct 03
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Defeater with SOM at The Mr. Roboto Project
  • Oct 04
    Lakewood, OH, US Defeater and Mundy's Bay with SOM at The Foundry
  • Oct 05
    Columbus, OH, US Defeater and Mundy's Bay at Big Room Bar
  • Oct 06
    Buffalo, NY, US Defeater and Mundy's Bay at Mohawk Place
  • Dec 04
    Seattle, WA, US Defeater and Modern Life Is War at The Vera Project
  • Dec 07
    Los Angeles, CA, US Defeater and Modern Life Is War at Teragram Ballroom
  • Dec 09
    Sacramento, CA, US Defeater at Holy Diver
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