New Releases For June 8, 2010

Deer Tick
Black Dirt Sessions

Deer Tick - Black Dirt Sessions

'Deer Tick's front man, John McCauley got an early start as a teenage singer-songwriter in Providence, a scene known for genre-busting noise music. But it's country rock he's plowed his old soul into, and on his band's flat-out great new album, The Black Dirt Sessions, you hear not just heartbreak ('Christ Jesus' alone constitutes an album's worth) but a hint of the tumbling-down noise of his hometown's sound -- much of it in his aching, ripped-to-shreds voice. Live, the band delivers hellfire.' - New York Magazine

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"Twenty Miles"


  1. 1. Choir of Angels
  2. 2. Twenty Miles
  3. 3. Goodbye, Dear Friend
  4. 4. Piece By Piece and Frame By Frame
  5. 5. The Sad Sun
  6. 6. Mange
  7. 7. When She Comes Home
  8. 8. Hand In My Hand
  9. 9. I Will Not Be Myself
  10. 10. Blood Moon
  11. 11. Christ Jesus

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 03
    Portland, ME, US Ghost of Paul Revere, Deer Tick, Mallett Brothers Band, and Mipso at Port City Music Hall
  • Sep 04
    Portland, ME, US Ghost of Paul Revere, Deer Tick, and Mallett Brothers Band at Thompson’s Point
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