New Releases For November 9, 2018

Decembre Noir
Autumn Kings

Decembre Noir - Autumn Kings

The songs of Autumn Kings are all melodic, but also melancholic. The eight tracks of the third album of the German band from Thuringia convey profound emotionality and holistic heaviness. As far as the impressions are concerned, the songs stand out to be much darker and depressing than it seems in the beginning. Nevertheless, a good dose of confidence always resonates, too.

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  1. 1. In The Pouring Rain
  2. 2. Autumn King
  3. 3. Barricades
  4. 4. A Weeping Sunrise
  5. 5. Between Silence And Shards
  6. 6. Dress.Code.Black
  7. 7. Hymn Of Sorrow
  8. 8. The Downward Path