New Releases For June 2, 2017


DBFC - Jenks

Manchester-born David Shaw and French artist Dombrance met in 2012, drawn together by a Parisian underworld that flitted between techno and psychedelia, club culture and rock mythology. Refusing to place down boundaries, they simply went into the studio, turned on their equipment and jammed – debut album Jenks followed naturally. Striking out at the cynicism of the everyday, the pair seem able to cut straight to the heart of the matter. “What we sing about is the universal theme, which is love,” David explains, “As corny as it sounds, that’s in fact what we’re talking about: tolerance and love.”

RELEASED: June 2, 2017 ON PIAS America

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  1. 1. Jenks
  2. 2. Bad River
  3. 3. Disco Coco
  4. 4. In The Car
  5. 5. The Ride
  6. 6. New Life
  7. 7. Autonomic
  8. 8. Staying Home
  9. 9. Sinner
  10. 10. The Rest Of The World