New Releases For March 31, 2015

Dayna Kurtz
Rise And Fall

Dayna Kurtz - Rise And Fall

Rise And Fall is the New Jersey-born, New Orleans-based artist's seventh album, and her first collection of original compositions in four years. The emotion-charged new set marks a reinvention for the artist, while reaffirming the creative strengths that have already won her a fiercely loyal fan base. In the spring, look for Dayna Kurtz to be on Mountain Stage, eTown and Kick Out The Jams with Dave Marsh.

“It is great to hear an amazing voice but indescribable to hear an amazing soul. Thus Rise And Fall and Dayna Kurtz are indescribable. I’m grateful for the discovery of a new old friend.” - Madeleine Peyroux

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"It's How You Hold Me"


  1. 1. It's How You Hold Me
  2. 2. You're Not What I Need (But You're All That I Want)
  3. 3. Raise The Last Glass
  4. 4. If I Go First
  5. 5. Eat It Up
  6. 6. Yes, You Win
  7. 7. Far Away Again
  8. 8. A Few Confessions
  9. 9. The Hole
  10. 10. You'll Always Live Inside Of Me

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