New Releases For September 9, 2014

David Mayfield

David Mayfield - Strangers

David Mayfield may be one of the most original performers on the Americana scene. Known for his bombastic stage presence as much as his virtuosic guitar talent and songwriting prowess, Mayfield's newest album Strangers is, in true parade fashion, a bold affair.

His goal was to record a timeless album - avoiding anything overtly modern without going retro - and in the process, Mayfield discovered his niche. Strangers, Mayfield's first album with Compass Records, is a tour de force, stretching from the avant-garde to Mayfield's musical roots, which are buried deep in the bluegrass tradition from a childhood of touring with his family's band.

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  1. 1. Caution
  2. 2. Ohio (It's Fake)
  3. 3. The Man I'm Trying to Be
  4. 4. Show
  5. 5. The One I Hate
  6. 6. Rain On My Parade
  7. 7. My First Big Lie (And How I Got Away with It)
  8. 8. In Your Eyes
  9. 9. Ring Out The Old
  10. 10. Hangman
  11. 11. Face The Storm
  12. 12. Lazy Love