New Releases For June 17, 2014

David Gray

David Gray - Mutineers

Twenty-one years since his first studio album, David Gray's tenth and latest, Mutineers, finds the singer-songwriter steering into unfamiliar territory.

'You have to sort of tear up the past and let it go.'

The only certainty that David had at the commencement of his new recording was the need to surprise himself, not just in the terms of how he worked, but in the ideas that drove him, and the people he worked with. *

Mutineers is an 11 track experiment, the sound of a musician making a clean break and some sharp turns but also reconnecting with the freedoms of an earlier dream.

The deluxe version features 15 additional tracks on 2 bonus discs.

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"Back In The World"


  1. 1. Back In The World
  2. 2. As The Crow Flies
  3. 3. Mutineers
  4. 4. Beautiful Agony
  5. 5. Last Summer
  6. 6. Snow In Vegas
  7. 7. Cake And Eat It
  8. 8. Birds Of The High Arctic
  9. 9. The Incredible
  10. 10. Girl Like You
  11. 11. Gulls

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