New Releases For August 17, 2010

David Gray

David Gray - Foundling

Recorded in London and produced by himself, Foundling picks up where Draw The Line leaves off, creating a new chapter of lush, soulful songs that finds Gray returning to his folk music roots. The first single, 'A Moment Changes Everything' is an upbeat driving force, while songs such as the album opener 'Only The Wine' and the bluesy title track 'Foundling' show David Gray's understated artistry and hauntingly beautiful vocals that have garnered him fans across the globe.

This 2-disc set features the full length album and a 9-song bonus disc featuring never before released material, including 'A Moment Changes Everything.'

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"A Moment Changes Everything"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Only The Wine
  3. 2. Foundling
  4. 3. Forgetting
  5. 4. Gossamer Thread
  6. 5. The Old Chair
  7. 6. In God's Name
  8. 7. We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight
  9. 8. Holding On
  10. 9. When I Was In Your Heart
  11. 10. A New Day At Midnight
  12. 11. Dave Jones' Locker

  13. DISC TWO:
  14. 1. Fixative
  15. 2. Morning Theme
  16. 3. The Dotted Line
  17. 4. A Million Years
  18. 5. Who's Singing Now
  19. 6. Old Father Time
  20. 7. Indeed I Will
  21. 8. A Moment Changes Everything

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