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Dave Stewart
Lucky Numbers

Dave Stewart - Lucky Numbers

Multi-talented, renaissance rock 'n' roller Dave Stewart returns with his new solo album Lucky Numbers via Kobalt Label Services (his first for the label).

Lucky Numbers is the third album in three years for the self-declared Ringmaster General. The album's first single 'Every Single Night' featuring guest vocalist Martina McBride is already a hit on radio stations across the US. For Lucky Numbers, the singer, songwriter and guitarist assembled the same team of Nashville's finest that were on the previous two, though instead of working in co-producer/engineer John McBride's Nashville studio, Stewart shifted the recording sessions to a boat in the South Pacific.

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"Every Single Night (Featuring Martina McBride)"


  1. 1. Every Single Night (Featuring Martina McBride)
  2. 2. Drugs Taught Me A Lesson (Featuring Vanessa Amorosi And The Ringermaster's Choir)
  3. 3. How To Ruin A Romance (Featuring Vanessa Amorosi)
  4. 4. What Is Wrong With Me? (Featuring Vanessa Amorosi And The Ringermaster's Choir)
  5. 5. Satellite
  6. 6. Why Can't We Be Friends
  7. 7. You And I (Featuring Laura Michelle Kelly And Ann Marie Calhoun)
  8. 8. Nashville Snow (Featuring Karen Elson)
  9. 9. Never Met A Woman Like You
  10. 10. One Step Too Far
  11. 11. Lucky Numbers (Featuring Holly Quin Rah)
  12. 12. Every Single Night (Featuring Martina Mcbride)[Radio Edit]

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