New Releases For March 13, 2012

Dave Barnes
Stories To Tell

Dave Barnes - Stories To Tell

Stories To Tell is a stepping stone for Dave Barnes on many levels. The album was recorded in Los Angeles marking the first time he has recorded outside of his home town in Nashville, TN. Leaving everything familiar behind forced Dave to venture outside of his creative comfort zone.

Barnes' explains, 'I've done all the other records in Nashville but for this one I really wanted to do something different, I wanted to get out of town and do something that wouldn't sound quite as much like the stuff I've done before.'

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"Mine To Love"


  1. 1. White Flag
  2. 2. How Long
  3. 3. Mine To Love
  4. 4. Heaven Help Me
  5. 5. Love Will Be Enough For Us
  6. 6. Seventeen
  7. 7. Missing You
  8. 8. Find Your Way Home
  9. 9. Stories To Tell
  10. 10. Warm Heart In A Cold World
  11. 11. One Of Us