New Releases For February 25, 2014

Danni Nicholls
A Little Redemption

Danni Nicholls - A Little Redemption

'Danni flew to Nashville from her home in London to team up with producer Chris Donohue who enlisted the help of a fantastic line-up of musicians and singers that you would expect getting all the plaudits but instead they just add a splendid backing to the velvet voice of the star of this CD. Danni Nicholls has a voice that is special; it has power when needed and warmth and softness when not, it can melt your heart one minute and seduce you the next. It is one in a million!' - David Knowles, Maverick Magazine - 5 /5 Stars

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"Hey There, Sunshine"


  1. 1. First Cuckoo Of Spring
  2. 2. Hey There, Sunshine
  3. 3. Bird Of Paradise
  4. 4. The Next One
  5. 5. Beautiful Game
  6. 6. Home Down The Line
  7. 7. Dragons In The Distance
  8. 8. Cold, Hard Light Of The Day
  9. 9. A Little Redemption
  10. 10. Goodnight Moon

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 23
    Kettering, UK Greenbelt Festival 2019
  • Sep 06
    Leicester, UK The Long Road Festival 2019
  • Sep 12
    Nashville, TN, US Danni Nicholls at TRUE Music Room at Cambria Hotel
  • Nov 22
    Winchester, UK Danni Nicholls at Hyde Tavern
  • Dec 07
    Folkestone, UK Danni Nicholls at Upstairs @ the Eleto Chocolate Cafe
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