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Daniel Tompkins

Daniel Tompkins - Castles

Castles is the debut solo album from Daniel Tompkins, the award-winning, innovative British vocalist and songwriter in TesseracT, White Moth Black Butterfly and Skyharbor. Castles is the realization of Tompkins' expansive ability and taste: pulsating synths, beautiful keyboard lines, powerful electric guitars, heavy crash cymbals, and both skittering and forceful beats. With Daniel's voice switching skillfully from tender and introspective to soaring emotion in a blend of pop-rock-electronic sounds that engages his eclectic audience; resulting in a masterclass of tension and release.

TAGS: Prog Rock | Rock

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  1. 1. Saved
  2. 2. Black The Sun
  3. 3. Castles
  4. 4. Kiss
  5. 5. Limitless
  6. 6. Cinders
  7. 7. Telegraph
  8. 8. Black The Sun (Head Rework)
  9. 9. Limitless (Featuring Dmitry Stepanov)
  10. 10. Kiss (Featuring Randy Slaugh)
  11. 11. Saved (Featuring Acle Kahney)
  12. 12. Saved (Featuring Paul Ortiz)
  13. 13. Saved (Featuring Randy Slaugh)

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