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Daniel Romano
Come Cry With Me

Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me

Come Cry With Me carries on with traditional country aesthetic, musical and visual. The album is self-produced and played, for the most part, by Romano himself. Come Cry With Me continues with themes of bad choices, hard times, boozing and losing.

Amidst the tales of woebegone orphans, family knots and broken hearts, there are spoken word yarns that recall Hank Williams-as-Luke The Drifter. Romano's deep rumbling baritone vocal dips serve, conversely, to lighten the mood, leaving no doubt that this artist knows how to deliver a punch line.

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"Middle Child"


  1. 1. Middle Child
  2. 2. Two Pillow Sleeper
  3. 3. Just Between You and Me
  4. 4. I'm Not Crying Over You
  5. 5. He Lets Her memory Go Wild
  6. 6. Chicken Bill
  7. 7. When I Was Abroad
  8. 8. Where No One Else Will Find It
  9. 9. That's The Very Moment
  10. 10. A New Love (Can Be Found)

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