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Daniel Kirkpatrick And The Bayonets

Daniel Kirkpatrick And The Bayonets - Alibis

With Daniel Kirkpatrick And The Bayonets' debut, Alibis, singer-songwriter-guitarist Daniel Kirkpatrick has masterfully crafted an authentic album of prime modern-vintage rock 'n' roll. 'Calling the album Alibis stems from the fact that I looked for every reason to run away and not pursue this dream,' says the Washington-based artist. 'Music felt like an uphill battle because I hadn't found myself as a songwriter. With this record, I've finally conveyed what I needed to put forth.' The trio's debut is rife with emotionally direct lyrics, tightly-arranged classic songwriting in the mold of 1960s British and American rock 'n' roll, with expansive dynamics and sensual guitar solos.


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  1. 1. Someday
  2. 2. Cynthia
  3. 3. Alibis
  4. 4. This Way
  5. 5. Until I Break
  6. 6. Don't Leave Me Waiting
  7. 7. It's You
  8. 8. I Knew You Then
  9. 9. All I Can Take
  10. 10. Ransom
  11. 11. Emerald Blues In A Minor