New Releases For May 29, 2012

Best Day

Dala - Best Day

In a relatively short time, Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walthers, of the Canadian duo Dala, have established themselves as one of the brightest rising stars of the pop-folk circuit.

On their second release with Compass Records, Best Day, the duo has achieved a new level of maturity in both their abilities as songwriters and integrity of presentation. Vaguely reminiscent of fellow Canadian, Feist, and with echoes of Leonard Cohen's lyric sensibilities, Dala presents a set of tracks that are empowering and optimistic but not without a quiet mourning for the past and the impossible.

TAGS: Americana | Folk

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"Best Day"


  1. 1. Life On Earth
  2. 2. Best Day
  3. 3. Not Alone
  4. 4. Lennon & McCartney
  5. 5. Good As Gold
  6. 6. Great Escape
  7. 7. Father
  8. 8. Virginia Woolf
  9. 9. Peggy
  10. 10. First Love
  11. 11. Still Life
  12. 12. Too Many Kittens