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Post Mortem Nihil Est

Dagoba - Post Mortem Nihil Est

The artistic output of Dagoba stands as a testament to the power found within the combination of brutal riffage, mind-bending symphonic atmosphere and dark electro grooves. Post Mortem Nihil Est is a shining jewel amidst the dustbin of modern music, offering a furiously creative and persistently dynamic display of nuanced, diverse and challenging material.

'Grooves, Grooves, Grooves.' - Metal Hammer (5/7)

'Post Mortem Nihil Est is massive, epic and simply amazing.' - H-T-M (10/10)

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"I, Reptile"


  1. 1. When Winter...
  2. 2. The Realm Black
  3. 3. I, Reptile
  4. 4. Yes We Die
  5. 5. Kiss Me Kraken
  6. 6. Nevada
  7. 7. The Great Wonder
  8. 8. The Day After The Apocalypse
  9. 9. Son Of A Ghost
  10. 10. Oblivion Is For The Living
  11. 11. By The Sword

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 19
    Ahrensburg, Germany Surface , Dagoba, Rezet, Strydegor , and 3 more… at JuKi 42
  • Oct 26
    Gisors, France Beyond the Styx and Dagoba at Salle des Fêtes
  • Nov 01
    Liège, Belgium Dagoba at REFLEKTOR
  • Nov 02
    Mons, Belgium Dagoba at Le Manège
  • Nov 02
    Mons, Belgium Rock on Mars #1 2019
  • Nov 09
    Saint-Étienne, France Dagoba with Betraying the Martyrs at Le Fil - Club
  • Nov 15
    Murs Erigne, France Dagoba with Tagada Jones, No One Is Innocent, Ultra Vomit, and 1 more… at Centre Culturel Jean Carmet
  • Nov 16
    Murs Erigne, France MEGASOUND FEST 2019
  • Feb 01
    Argenteuil, France Dagoba at La Cave
  • May 02
    Concarneau, France L'Esprit du Clan, Black Bomb A, and Dagoba at Cac - Concarneau
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