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Lowdown Ways

DADDY LONG LEGS - Lowdown Ways

This expansive, new territory that DADDY LONG LEGS covers on Lowdown Ways is thanks to producer (and JD McPherson bassist) Jimmy Sutton, with whom the band recorded the album at Chicago's Hi-Style Studios, who applies his technical know-how to broaden the sound of such instantly memorable tunes as "Pink Lemonade" (co-written by McPherson), "Ding Dong Dang," and "Bad Neighborhood," which resonate with the down-and-dirty roots that have always been DADDY LONG LEGS' inspiration. Meanwhile, the band ventures successfully into unfamiliar territory with the pub-rock-style "Winners Circle," the bittersweet acoustic ballad "Back Door Fool" and the dramatic album-closer "Wrong Side Of The River."

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"Pink Lemonade"


  1. 1. Theme From DADDY LONG LEGS
  2. 2. Pink Lemonade
  3. 3. Ding Dong Dang
  4. 4. Mornin' Noon & Nite
  5. 5. Glad Rag Ball
  6. 6. Bad Neighborhood
  7. 7. CĂ©laphine
  8. 8. Winners Circle
  9. 9. Back Door Fool
  10. 10. Snagglepuss
  11. 11. Be Gone
  12. 12. Wrong Side Of The River

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 18
    Ridgewood, NY, US Daddy Long Legs at Tv Eye
  • Apr 19
    Philadelphia, PA, US Daddy Long Legs and Electric Candlelight at Boot & Saddle
  • Apr 20
    Pittsburgh, PA, US Daddy Long Legs with the Spectres at The Government Center
  • Apr 21
    Cleveland, OH, US Daddy Long Legs at Now That's Class
  • Apr 24
    Rochester, NY, US Daddy Long Legs at Abilene Bar & Lounge
  • Apr 26
    New Haven, CT, US Daddy Long Legs at The State House
  • Aug 14
    Barcelona, Spain Keeping the Blues Alive 2020
  • Sep 14
    Toronto, ON, Canada Daddy Long Legs with Tommy and the Commies, and Ichi-bons at Monarch Tavern
  • Sep 16
    Woodstock, NY, US Daddy Long Legs at Colony
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