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Cyril Neville
Essential Cyril Neville 1994-2007

Cyril Neville - Essential Cyril Neville 1994-2007

The Essential Cyril Neville 1994-2007 is a collection from Cyril's five solo records that were self-released. Included in Essential is a never before released track featuring Taj Mahal on guitar and harmonica, 'The Blues Is Here to Stay.' Other special guests include Allen Toussaint, Eddie Bo, Marva Wright and Jason Neville.

Essential is the follow up to the critically acclaimed Brand New Blues also on the M.C. label released in 2009.

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"The Blues Is Here to Stay"


  1. 1. The Blues Is Here to Stay
  2. 2. Foxy Lady
  3. 3. Tipitina
  4. 4. Ayti
  5. 5. New Orleans Cooking
  6. 6. Fortune Teller
  7. 7. Indians Got That Fire
  8. 8. The Times They Are A Changing
  9. 9. Projects
  10. 10. Hearts Desire
  11. 11. Funkaliscious