New Releases For October 27, 2017

Curtis Harding
Face Your Fear

Curtis Harding - Face Your Fear

On his new album, Face Your Fear, Curtis Harding figures out how to tap into the old soul man of the past without mimicking or bastardizing it, but instead evoking the spirit of the true soul music of yesterday, meshed with the realities of now. With a little production help from his friends Sam Cohen and Danger Mouse, Curtis Harding has put together a collection of tunes that NME described as “soul-meets-garage pop perfection.”

TAGS: R&B | Soul

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"On And On"


  1. 1. Wednesday Morning Atonement
  2. 2. Face Your Fear
  3. 3. On And On
  4. 4. Go As You Are
  5. 5. Till The End
  6. 6. Need Your Love
  7. 7. Dream Girl
  8. 8. Welcome To My World
  9. 9. Ghost Of You
  10. 10. Need My Baby
  11. 11. As I Am

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 10
    Dresden, Germany Curtis Harding at Beatpol
  • Nov 11
    Leipzig, Germany Curtis Harding at UT Connewitz
  • Nov 13
    Essen, Germany Paul Bokowski and Curtis Harding at Zeche Carl
  • Nov 18
    Bordeaux, France Curtis Harding at Rock School Barbey
  • Nov 19
    San Sebastián, Spain Curtis Harding at Teatro Victoria Eugenia
  • Nov 21
    Bilbao, Spain Curtis Harding at Kafe Antzokia
  • Nov 22
    Ferrol, Spain Curtis Harding at Teatro Jofre
  • Nov 24
    Madrid, Spain Curtis Harding at Joy Eslava
  • Nov 25
    Valencia, Spain Curtis Harding at Loco Club
  • Nov 27
    Montpellier, France Curtis Harding at Rockstore
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