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I Am Gemini

Cursive - I Am Gemini

I Am Gemini is the surreal and powerful musical tale of Cassius and Pollock, twin brothers separated at birth. One good and one evil, their unexpected reunion in a house that is not a home ignites a classic struggle for the soul, played out with a cast of supporting characters that includes a chorus of angels and devils, and twin sisters conjoined at the head.

Recorded in Omaha and mixed at Red Room (Seattle) with producer Matt Bayles, I Am Gemini marks the first time front man Tim Kasher, holding the completed story in mind, wrote album lyrics in a linear fashion, in order, from song 1 to song 13. The result is thirteen singularly cohesive song chapters that blend effortlessly into one unique narrative. The moody and playfully sinister I Am Gemini is Cursive's musically heaviest in years, with alternately muscular and angular guitars, pounding drums and driving bass.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"The Sun And Moon"


  1. 1. This House Alive
  2. 2. Warmer, Warmer
  3. 3. The Sun And Moon
  4. 4. Drunken Birds
  5. 5. Lullaby For No Name
  6. 6. Double Dead
  7. 7. Gemini
  8. 8. Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton
  9. 9. Wowowow
  10. 10. This House A Lie
  11. 11. The Cat And Mouse
  12. 12. A Birthday Bash
  13. 13. Eulogy For No Name

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