New Releases For October 16, 2012

Current Swell
Long Time Ago

Current Swell - Long Time Ago

Based in Victoria, B.C., Current Swell has been in the foreground of the 'new roots' music front pushing out of Canada's west coast. Thanks in large part to constant touring with artists like Xavier Rudd, the Beach Boys, and more, the independent band has developed a frenzied fan base around the world.

Their new album Long Time Ago has sold over 5,000 copies in Canada, with single 'Too Cold' charting at #16 on commercial modern rock radio charts. Long Time Ago is being released in the US with the fan-favorite 'Young and Able' as a bonus track.

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"Young And Able (Bonus Track)"


  1. 1. Long Time Ago
  2. 2. Too Cold
  3. 3. For The Land
  4. 4. I Want A Bird
  5. 5. Brad's Song
  6. 6. Honest Man
  7. 7. Stumble
  8. 8. Get What's Mine
  9. 9. Up The Hills
  10. 10. Shelter
  11. 11. Young And Able (Bonus Track)

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