New Releases For April 15, 2016

From Blue To Black

Crisix - From Blue To Black

Crisix has been a merciless touring machine from the start, rampaging many European clubs and festivals ever since with incredible enthusiasm and conviction. This has been steadily consolidating the band's popularity further even leading to them being elected as best new artist on MTV’s Iggy Show. The new album From Blue To Black showcases the band's catchiest, most powerful, devastating material. Although not celebrating a multifaceted metal, Crisix inject such crisp, velocity and entertainment that it results in a departure from a well-worn thrash metal format.

For fans of : Anthrax, Municipal Waste, Testament, Megadeth, Overkill

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Conspiranoia
  2. 2. Journey Through The Fire
  3. 3. G.M.M.
  4. 4. T-Terror Era
  5. 5. Psycho Crisix World
  6. 6. From Blue To Black
  7. 7. Strange
  8. 8. Five As One
  9. 9. Fallen

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 05
    Cave-in-Rock, IL, US Full Terror Assault 2019
  • Oct 11
    Barcelona, Spain A Cop de Rock Fest 2019
  • Oct 12
    Seville, Spain Crisix and Dust Bolt at Unknown venue
  • Dec 13
    Cannes, France Crisix and IN OTHER CLIMES at MJC Picaud - La Tangente
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