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Against The Odds

Crisix - Against The Odds

Formed in Barcelona in 2008, Crisix have gone from fearsome youthful talented thrash metallers winning Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2009, being voted as best Spanish upcoming band in Rock Zone magazine for their debut album The Menace (2011), to one of the most revered new European powerhouse in the thrash metal genre. The band has been a merciless touring machine from the start, rampaging many European clubs and festivals ever since with incredible enthusiasm and conviction. Crisix inject such crisp, velocity and entertainment that it results in a departure from a well-worn thrash metal format.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock | Thrash

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"Get Out Of My Head"


  1. 1. Get Out Of My Head
  2. 2. Leech Breeder
  3. 3. Technophobic
  4. 4. Perserverance
  5. 5. Xenomorph Blood
  6. 6. Prince Of Saiyans
  7. 7. Leave Your God Behind
  8. 8. Cut The Shit
  9. 9. The North Remembers
  10. 10. Hardwired (CD Only Bonus Track – Metallica Cover)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 30
    Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp Metal Fest 2020
  • Jun 04
    Magdeburg, Germany Rock & Metal Day'z 2020
  • Jul 15
    Trutnov, Czech Republic Obscene Extreme 2020
  • Aug 14
    Fuengirola, Spain Metal Paradise 2020
  • Aug 14
    Fuengirola, Spain Metal Paradise Fest 2020
  • Sep 18
    Göttingen, Germany Crisix and Insanity Alert at Freihafen
  • Sep 20
    Osnabrück, Germany Crisix with Insanity Alert at Bastard Club
  • Sep 22
    Munich, Germany Crisix and Insanity Alert at Backstage
  • Sep 23
    Stuttgart, Germany Crisix and Insanity Alert at Juha West
  • Sep 24
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg Crisix and Insanity Alert at Rockbox
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