New Releases For February 2, 2010

Creature with the Atom Brain

Creature with the Atom Brain - Transylvania

'Any band that namechecks... '60s psych heroes The 13th Floor Elevators is alright by us. But Creature... go one better by managing to sound like the first QOTSA album; that is, a heady, psychotropic descent into the underworld of drone - this is fantastic.' - NME

On tour now with Alice In Chains.


  1. I Rise The Moon
  2. The Color of Sundown
  3. Something is Wrong
  4. Transylvania
  5. Lonely Light
  6. Spinnin' The Black Hole
  7. Darker Than A Dungeon
  8. Sound of Confusion
  9. Make Noise
  10. The Lonesome Whistle
  11. Is That Lady Sniff