New Releases For April 24, 2012

Craig Erickson
Galactic Roadhouse

Craig Erickson - Galactic Roadhouse

Craig Erickson returns to the Blues Bureau label delivering a hot new blues-rock CD, Galactic Roadhouse, heaped with incredible guitar playing influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, ZZ Top, Allman Bros., and Johnny Winter. In the tradition of classic blues rock greats, Erickson's songs are delivered by a strong lead singer/lead guitarist.

Erickson is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive blues rock players on the circuit today.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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  1. 1. Back At The Roadhouse
  2. 2. Torrential Download Blues
  3. 3. River Of Tears
  4. 4. Rivertown
  5. 5. Earthquakes And Hurricanes
  6. 6. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  7. 7. Peace And Love
  8. 8. Engine #7
  9. 9. It's Rough All Over
  10. 10. Prodigal
  11. 11. Motormouth
  12. 12. Deep