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The Difference Between Hell And Home

Counterparts - The Difference Between Hell And Home

The new material on The Difference Between Hell And Home is not a far departure from their previous musical stylings, but rather a stronger, more concentrated mix of the prevailing elements on their earlier albums.

Between pummeling riffs and breakdowns, textured melodies, and short-fused vocals, the entire record brings the explosive and fiery hardcore Counterparts have been perfecting. With more time to write and record The Difference Between Hell and Home than on prior albums, the band took it upon themselves to hone their songwriting ability and deliver their best record yet.

TAGS: Hardcore | Metal

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  1. 1. Lost
  2. 2. Ghost
  3. 3. Debris
  4. 4. Outlier
  5. 5. Witness
  6. 6. Decay
  7. 7. Compass
  8. 8. Wither
  9. 9. Cursed
  10. 10. Slave
  11. 11. Soil

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 25
    Ysselsteyn, Netherlands Jera On Air 2020
  • Jul 10
    Tabor, Czech Republic Mighty Sounds 2020
  • May 29
    Leeds, UK Slam Dunk Festival North 2021
  • May 30
    Hatfield, UK Slam Dunk Festival South 2021
  • Jun 25
    Gräfenhainichen, Germany Full Force Festival 2021
  • Jun 26
    Münster, Germany Vainstream Rockfest 2021
  • Jul 02
    Stockholm, Sweden High 5ive Summer Fest 2021
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