New Releases For May 22, 2012

Cory Branan

Cory Branan - Mutt

MUTT bears the marks of Cory's 'American gumbo' heritage: a winding path from nascent guitar shredder in the small, state-line town of Southaven, Mississippi, to fledgling troubadour in Memphis' lauded underground music scene, and now a Nashville-based itinerant road warrior thrilling Thunderdomes as varied as Warp's Country Throwdown and Chuck Ragan's Revival Tour.

While his music tips its hat to road-map influences from Motown to Mellencamp, the Delta bluesmen to folk pickers of '60s Greenwich Village, the united result is a singular sound spurred on by years spent on tour honing something rare and that is altogether its own.

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"Bad Man"


  1. 1. The Corner
  2. 2. Survivor Blues
  3. 3. Bad Man
  4. 4. Darken My Door
  5. 5. There There Little Heartbreaker
  6. 6. The Snow Man
  7. 7. Yesterday (Circa Summer 80 Somthin')
  8. 8. Karen's Song
  9. 9. The Freefall
  10. 10. Jericho
  11. 11. Hold Me Down
  12. 12. Lily
  13. 13. Survivor Blues (The After Hours)