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Conway Twitty
Hello Darlin' - Greatest Hits Live

Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin' - Greatest Hits Live

The mid-1960s musical reinvention of Conway Twitty was successful on a spectacular scale. He transformed himself from a rocking teen idol to one of the biggest stars of country music. For Conway, embracing country was just like going home. His vast legion of fans were convinced that Conway could do no wrong. That abiding love between audience and performer is readily apparent throughout this concert appearance, recorded in the latter-day country music mecca of Branson, MO, and includes a faithful rendition of “Hello Darlin’” that’s guaranteed to melt your heart. Compiled by the Twitty estate, this is the only approved live album by Conway Twitty on the market.

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"Hello Darlin’"


  1. 1. Rocky Top – Intro
  2. 2. Hello Darlin’
  3. 3. Red Neckin’ Love Makin’ Night
  4. 4. I’d Love To Lay You Down
  5. 5. Don’t Cry Joni
  6. 6. I Don’t Know A Thing About Love
  7. 7. Desperado Love
  8. 8. Goodbye Time
  9. 9. Crazy In Love
  10. 10. Who Did They Think He Was?
  11. 11. Play Ruby Play
  12. 12. Julia
  13. 13. When You’re Cool, The Sun Shines All The Time
  14. 14. The Rose
  15. 15. That’s My Job
  16. 16. The Clown
  17. 17. Don’t Take It Away
  18. 18. You’ve Never Been This Far Before
  19. 19. It’s Only Make Believe