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Idle Hands

Continents - Idle Hands

Idle Hands is the debut album from dynamic South Wales, UK metal/hardcore outfit, Continents. Formed in 2010, Continents quickly established themselves within the ever-growing UK music scene through their intense music and stage presence. They are five self-proclaimed 'lads with a party attitude who love getting groups of people into a room who share their passion for music.'

They've created their heaviest music to date on Idle Hands all while incorporating a fresh take on modern hardcore. In November 2011 the band was voted as a favorite YouTube UK Metal Act and was featured on the YouTube home page.

TAGS: Hardcore | Metal

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"Idle Hands"


  1. 1. 224
  2. 2. Idle Hands
  3. 3. Pegasus, Pegasus
  4. 4. Inhale
  5. 5. Land Of The Free
  6. 6. Sheep In Wolves' Clothing
  7. 7. Regrets
  8. 8. Loathe
  9. 9. Trials
  10. 10. Exhale
  11. 11. Truth And Lies
  12. 12. Lion's Den